‚ÄčRappahannock County Marriages, 1853-1930

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Marriages are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the groom, and then within each letter in chronological order. Information includes:

Date; Place; Groom; Bride; single, widowed or divorced (Groom); single, widowed, or divorced (Bride); age of groom (may be years, months and days); age of bride (may be years, months and days); birthplace of groom; birthplace of bride; residence of groom; residence of bride; groom's parents; bride's parents; occupation of groom; minister; if the couple is African-American, it is so noted, just as it appears in the Register (col, colored, black or c).


S = single

D = divorced

W = widowed

R = Rappahannock Co., VA

In many cases the words County and Virginia have not been included. Spellings are as they appear in the Register; sometimes these spellings are not correct. There is additional information available at the courthouse for these marriages. The abstracts that follow are only from the Marriage Register, not the Marriage Licenses.

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